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Each day as the videos are being released live, they will be free. After that, you must upgrade to the All-Access Pass to watch the videos. 
  • Watch 70+ video presentations from adoption experts and community leaders on topics such as: 
  • - How the adoption process works (international/domestic).
  • - How to find your biological family with DNA testing. 
  • - What to look for in an adoption professional. 
  • - How to navigate the home study process.
  • - How to have patience in the adoption process. 
  • - What happens when a birth parent revokes the adoption.
  • - What you need to know to move on from infertility to adoption.
  • - Training for individuals working with at-risk children. 
  • - How to protect yourself against adoption scams.
  • And much, much, more!
  • (The free ticket does NOT include the t-shirt, necklace, eBooks, private group access, checklists, transcript or audio files, and %50 off first month of Parent Profiles).
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  • Everything in the FREE package PLUS
  • One-Year Access to the 2019 Adoption Summit Videos so you can watch it, read it, listen to it whenever you want for the next year. 
  • Adoption Summit T-Shirt (I love adoption) 
  • Adoption Symbol Necklace 
  • Four Adoption eBooks: 
  • - How Much Does Adoption Cost and How Do I Pay for It eBook
  • - How to Connect with Your Adopted Child eBook
  • - Adopting a Baby eBook: Uplifting and Heart-Warming Stories about Domestic Infant Adoption
  • - Foster Adoption eBook
  • Hopeful Adoptive Parent Checklist 
  • Search and Reunion Checklist
  • 50% OFF of Your First Month of Parent Profiles Gold or Platinum Package
  • Private Facebook Group to Connect with Other Summit Attendees 
  • Audio Files of the Adoption Summit Presentations 
  • Transcript Files of the Adoption Summit Presentations 
  • And so much more!
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